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But the kids are definitely my life! With four daughters, it gets a little chaotic in my house. My blog tends to be the best place to escape, so hang out with us as I try to hang on to the last shred of sanity I have. It gets cold here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so we spend a lot of time together at home in our small slice of heaven.

I’ve been writing my entire life and while being Mom is my number one priority, sitting down to share tips and activities gets me through the day with my kids.

Surviving and thriving in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, my family tries to explore everywhere our home has to offer. Every day is different for this friendly geeky Mom; activities and schedules are something I try to stick to for the kids’ sake. I love making lists…but can’t always follow them. My main goal with this blog is to document my family’s life for the future while helping to bring awareness to mental health and the challenges surrounding it. The world has many mom blogs, and each one is valid! So I hope you like this Mom’s semi guide to how she does what she does – if you ever want to let me know if you agree or disagree with something, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you are someone who needs a content creator or needs something written, you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t just a Mom blog. Writing, as I said, is my passion! It also happens to be something I use to help others, coupled with networking and SEO skills. I’m no web developer, but Life on the Flatlands is a great example of my skills.

Canadian Parenting Blog

Mental health advocate

Mom Blog - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Selfie of the trust-me-I'd-change-my-brain-if-I-could me!
Not so fearlessly me!

As someone who has lived with major depression and generalized anxiety since childhood, I find it’s healthy to talk openly share experiences with it. Parenting doesn’t come with a readme, and neither does mental health! I want everyone to feel welcome, share in our lives and hopefully help break the stigma of mental health issues.
You are not alone – we can get through this together.
The anxiety doesn’t have to win!!

Parenting four kids…send help!

Mom Blog - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Four Daughters - Parenting is tough when it's just one kid!
My Valkyries

The next one will be a boy! They said. What’s one more? I said. Octavia rounds out our crew of Valkyries, four amazing and only kind of insane kids who complete my soul. My girls are my life. My life is my girls.
That doesn’t mean I have this Mom thing figured out! Instead, they inspire me with their quirky and sometimes downright scary antics. Parenting a big family can be hard. Hopefully, something here helps!

Real life Mommy moments

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Family Time is the best time, parenting is hard but when my kids hug like this it's worth it.
Sisterly love

On Instagram, my feed is really truly based on being honest and real. It’s not staged, it’s not fake, it’s not sugar-coated, and my blog is the same. Here you get the best of both worlds though, Instagram will only let me say so much. Anyone who knows me…knows how much I like to talk! In any form, I can get carried away when it’s something I’m passionate about. Let’s just say don’t get me started on Batman vs. Superman or Futurama. Or why being Canadian rocks!

Sleep is like my cat. I can call him by his name, but he still won’t come to me.

Shane Koyczan, Canadian spoken word poet
News about the blog!

I’m excited to let you all know I am working on a digital recipes book full of helpful Mom tips to make cooking fun for you and your family. Expanding on the idea @GeneandTeens sampled, “Hiding veggies,” it will have my favourite taco recipe that includes onion, pepper and broccoli without changing the texture or taste. My hidden veggies taco recipe helped change my kids from picky eaters to anything eaters!

My recipes will not just be healthy; everyone is human, and sometimes shoving your face full of cookies is just what the doctor ordered.

Upcoming Blog Posts

A Mom’s Guide to the end of Summer

Seriously girl, have you lost your mind? Nope!! The end of summer can be tricky, so let me help you get through those last few weeks of summer.

Lunch Recipes for Normal People

I love the idea of a bento box, but I have FOUR. KIDS. And a serious lack of time. School lunch recipes for normal people will help with ideas!

New School Guide

Changing school can be tricky, what do you need to do, what is okay to skip?? Well, let us figure that out together, shall we?! The New School Guide will help navigate the sometimes confusing world of Canadian Public Education.

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As a white presenting Canadian, partner and Mom, I support the BLM and feel it’s important to bring the message home and put your money where your mouth is. So if you or someone you know need some form of a press release written in support of the movement, or ANY movement for equality, please get in touch, and I would love to volunteer my services.

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