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Life on the Flatlands

When I moved to Alberta 12 years ago, I never thought I’d be here this long. But this last year, I finally realized something.

I’m a flatlander—an Albertan.

Deep down in my heart, I know it to be true. All four of my kids were born here, and I’ve been raising them in this beautiful province. I was born and raised an Islander and will always call the island home. But since 2017, this place has truly become my home. It’s that old saying, home is where the heart is. So when my completely unusual family came together that summer, everything just…clicked. I have lived in Alberta since 2007, but it was never truly home until someone made it feel special. Until someone made it feel like a place, I can stay and love.

Strange to call a new place home

I’ve lived in many different places in Alberta, but the YEG region is the first place I’ve actually felt that deep in the bones, contentment and happiness. Something life seemed lacking since leaving my hometown. While some of the smaller towns had their own charms, the city is a rough diamond. It needs work, but the beauty is deep within it and shines through to the right eye.

The city of Edmonton is a melting pot of wonderful cultures and experiences. Participating in city life is rewarding and fulfilling. Two of the four kids are currently in swimming lessons, and it’s my first real experience interacting with the neighbourhood as a whole. I’ve been lucky to experience the joys of having a village help out with the kids for the little things that impact your entire day. When the baby is crying and fussing because she is not a happy camper in the playpen while I help the other sisters. Friendly moms have offered to hold her, and the other children clamour around her to make faces and try to keep her entertained. You see the interaction and smiles as you sit around the pool watching your kid’s lessons and chatting with other moms. Some of my newest friends have been made at the city facilities during lessons. The kid’s extracurricular activities becoming almost a standing mom date.

Big city living

You’d think big city life would be lonely and cut off. The hustle and bustle of it moving too fast to make many lasting connections. I’ve learned since moving to the city that isn’t true if – you lock yourself in your house for the first year and a bit of living somewhere – sure. Kind of hard to make friends that way. (That is a story for another time) But getting out and into the community just living life, you might be lucky enough to find a group of good friends with similar interests. Or at least a group of people with kids with similar interests.

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