Attempt #2 at Pasta dough

Let me just start off and say – I failed so hard today trying to make pasta I should have been on an episode of Netflix’s Nailed It!

For my 32 Birthday 🎉 I was given an item off my long running kitchen goals list. I’ve always dreamed of having a pasta machine, but it wasn’t in the budget. Having my KitchenAid though just made me want one even more.

After tireless Amazon, in store and online shopping I finally found a decently priced unit that looked very fancy- but insanely simple.

I am in love!

The beauty of this particular machine is you can actually do all three at once – it is a single unit unlike similar pasta attachments that only do one. In theory instead of having to stop and switch heads I can loop the dough over after it’s been sheeted to my desired thickness and go straight to making ribbons of any size.

While guys, my pasta dough was so horrible I couldn’t get it to sheet properly, this machine sure tried it’s best to save the day the only way it could.

While I wasn’t able to create edible pasta tonight, it was not the machines fault. I did learn how easy it is to assemble and attach, along with how great the rollers work. Tomorrow I plan on making pizza dough, and trying it on the thickest setting to see if it will help me make my kids fast and easy pizza meals!

If you want to take a look, here is the Amazon link I used to purchase my pasta attachment.

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