Business Casual for the Returning Working Mom

It seems to be a topic I find myself writing a lot about, the dreaded business casual wardrobe. As someone who has been out of the office space for ten years, and had branded clothing before (branding by parent company) this is an odd switch for me.

So, what is business casual exactly? How does one fit into the office scene while maintaining ones style and without breaking the budget?

It’s frighteningly easy

But oh so scary. The best way I’ve found that helps out my budget is to attempt a capsule wardrobe where I can switch out different items for different looks. Mainly I have focused on a pop of colour on over shirts as well, so everything jives together.

Business casual for women requires a collar typically to be acceptable on shirts. It leaves a wide opening for a range of polos and the start of layering. Pairing a solid coloured polo with a blazer or cardigan works like a charm to add that extra class. As someone who has always loved wearing overshirts, I’ve also found many ways to dress something up with a simple over shirt layer. It can change any casual outfit to a more acceptable business casual look quickly and easily, also allowing for one shirt to suddenly work with many different looks – the focus of a capsule wardrobe.

Business Casual Cardigan
Open front cardigans have become my favourite!

Skin is a hard pass for any work outfit, and that is doubly so for business casual. No shoulders, chest or midriff should be exposed, even if it’s just from a shirt riding up. I tend to err on the side of caution and order longer-styled shirts or high-waisted pants. It’s a faux pass for clothing to be too small in any situation, and as a more considerable-sized lady with great height, I understand the challenge this causes.

I’ve tested out Just Fab and SHEIN now, and while SHEIN has absolutely no real quality behind it, the curves section fits nicely. For the price paid, SHEIN delivers. Making installment payments on orders was such an unexpected bonus it may have contributed to me going a little overboard.

I’ve used Amazon for the staples and SHEIN for the bonus extras. It’s worked out, and while again I must stress the quality of SHEIN sucks, it’s value for what it works. When you pay $5 for a pair of pants, you can’t expect them to last long.

Business Casual outfit from SHEIN

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