Emily’s Personal Favourites

Sometimes, you write something that speaks to you. Even the most self-critical person has those works they adore.

Here you’ll find my favourite curated articles I’ve had the pleasure to write for either Life on the Flatlands or elsewhere. I can’t always explain why I like what I do, so take a read, and you be the judge of your favourites. They might not be the best written, but they caught my eye or are something I liked writing for some reason. Sometimes a topic speaks to you…other times, you are just trying to get it all out.

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Emily McKay

Growing up in small-town B.C. I’ve lived a varied life. Leaving Vancouver Island was the hardest choice I’ve ever made – but you can’t eat scenery! One day, I’ll go back. Until then, it’s life on the flatlands of Alberta for me.

My work is authentically me, I’ve been known by many names and many titles. My favourite being “Mom,” and my top favourite job title used to be the same, but in 2021 my favourite job title became “Writer.”

I am proud of my indigenous roots, and a proud Canadian.

Latest from Life on the Flatlands

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This is not, by far, a complete list. You can find all these articles under the Blog link. To find a complete list of all my written work, you might just have to google me!

I’m not the only Emily to write, the YA Emily McKay and I are not the same.

Sapadilla Ecofriendly Biobased Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly products are essential to my family and Sapadilla has created a fantastic line of Earth-friendly biobased cleaners for everyone


Small Business Spotlight – Papes

What came first, the robot or the cone? Papes is a Canadian company refining rollies with the help of automation from robots from RoboRoots

Disassociation and mental health

Mental Health – Disassociation – When Daydreaming Wins over

Disassociation can be likened to excessive daydreaming or zoning out. Everyone does it, and it is a normal coping mechanism which can be very healthy. Everyone feels it in his or her own way, and how I feel may not be exactly how someone else feels.

Central Park + The Batch

Central Park + The Batch Hybrid

Let’s face it — The Disney Generation has grown. The little girls who sang “Where The People Are” or “Be My Guest” are now singing “Let It Go” or “Into The Unknown” with their kids. So today’s show, Central Park, hits at the right time.


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