Emily’s Personal Favourites

Sometimes, you write something that speaks to you. Even the most self-critical person has those works they adore.

Here you’ll find my favourite curated articles I’ve had the pleasure to write for either Life on the Flatlands or elsewhere. I can’t always explain why I like what I do, so take a read, and you be the judge of your favourites. They might not be the best written, but they caught my eye or are something I liked writing for some reason. Sometimes a topic speaks to you…other times, you are just trying to get it all out.

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Emily McKay

Growing up in small-town B.C. I’ve lived a varied life. Leaving Vancouver Island was the hardest choice I’ve ever made – but you can’t eat scenery! One day, I’ll go back. Until then, it’s life on the flatlands of Alberta for me.

My work is authentically me, I’ve been known by many names and many titles. My favourite being “Mom,” and my top favourite job title used to be the same, but in 2021 my favourite job title became “Writer.”

I am proud of my indigenous roots, and a proud Canadian.

Latest from Life on the Flatlands

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This is not, by far, a complete list. You can find all these articles under the Blog link. To find a complete list of all my written work, you might just have to google me!

I’m not the only Emily to write, the YA Emily McKay and I are not the same.

Gramp’s Grub: Local Business Review

We tried Gramp’s Grub – A local YEG Business which specializes in healthy home-cooked meals and snacks for busy folks!

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online: An introduction

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office, launched in 2001 and primarily sold as a document management and storage system. But what sets it apart is the way its architecture is highly configurable, and its usage varies substantially amongst organizations. 

Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 – Information Regarding Upgrading

On October 5, 2021, Microsoft began making its staged approach to rolling out its new operating system – Microsoft Windows 11! Microsoft is rolling this update out to eligible Windows 10 PCs for free through Windows Updates. The new Operating System will also be available for purchase pre-loaded with any new PC purchases. 

Small Business Spotlight Alternative Greens

Alternative Greens – Small Business Spotlight

With so many different dispensaries and head shops, it’s a great time to be a cannabis consumer. Some stores can manage to stay competitive in today’s market, despite the legalities of selling cannabis changing what feels like daily. Alternative Greens was one of the first stores to open in Edmonton and has flexed and changed with the times.


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