Essential shopping during Covid-19

Method is my all time favorite brand for cleaning supplies, but it’s getting harder to find.

In Edmonton we are fortunate enough that places like Canadian Tire have been allowed to remain open, over the weekend I had a chance to get to the store and grab some things. Canadian Tire was the best place because I could get my gardening supplies and in theory get some cleaning supplies I’ve begun to run low on.

Unfortunately the Canadian Tire I went to was empty of my usual products. That being said I am so excited, even though they are empty those shelves are typically full of method products something I’ve had a problem finding locally. They had every scent I’ve gone green with envy over when seeing people’s hauls.

It did make me reflect on how things have changed. I’ve been self isolating since March 15th and only leave the house when I really need too. Some of the things we were taught as children just to be polite are back to being standard which for my introverted self is fairly nice. A personal bubble of space is no longer something people invade, rather something people try hard to protect.

In the city now we see family limits on certain products which make sense – the panic buying seems to have stopped but we also need to replenish the shelves which has become an uphill battle. It’s something that is unfortunately needed at this time but I’m pretty excited to just be able to shop for my large family without people judging all my purchases.

Frank brand microfiber cloths

While on the hunt for supplies on my Canadian Tire adventure I did manage to find some awesome microfiber cloths that have made my life so much easier. I’ve been looking for some for a little while now but the prices have been fairly extravagant for even a single cloth online or simply out of stock everywhere else.

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