Gardening Time!

Seeds all bought from McKenzie online

One thing I failed at last year was getting my garden in gear. Our sunflowers didn’t get planted soon enough and from seed they didn’t get a chance to bloom. It sucked, to be perfectly honest!! So when fall started last year after winterizing my garden I started to plan.

I had a really good idea of what I wanted, and with the Covid-19 crisis things got thrown into perspective. If we had to grow our own food, could we? When I was young we grew as much food as we could, and I’ve dabbled in gardening my entire life. It’s so refreshing and rewarding to see what you’ve planted grow. But how to get the supplies without going out now? Thankfully a friend who lives in my city posted about ordering some seeds and was able to direct me where to go for ordering. As a Canadian the problem always ends up when you go to ship it turns out to be more than the package or its in USD but McKenzie is a Canadian company and shipping was free over $45 CAD.

My grand design for our home this year is to convert the front little garden bed into a larger, more structured raised garden bed. I also want to add more beds to the backyard, and jigger up a compost bin somehow. This is a little complicated due to condo boards and common space, and before I was a little more timid about speaking up. However now it’s more of a – I’m doing it and you can’t stop me. The front has the best light, nearest to the hose and it will also allow me to hang out with the kids while I work.

I found listings on Amazon for these really neat “garden bags” for lack of a better term. They are a durable and thick nonwoven fabric. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how they will work out, but it’s going to be a fun journey.

Screen shot of the bed I purchased

My theory behind using the bags vs creating a wooden raised bed was simple – I don’t own a saw, and I don’t know 100% if the condo board is going to let this happen. My siding is seven inches above the ground currently and it wouldn’t be good for the siding or the house to have the bed right touching it, but I need something so the condo grounds keeper can still use the weed whacker to trim and finish her work. (She’s my hero. Without her I’m in the cold -40°c wind shoveling, or managing the grass myself.) I want to ensure anything the condo board complains about is something I can work with. The bags/boxes are uniform and if they really whine I can frame it so it looks very nice in the future.

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