Just Fab for business casual

I’ve never, ever been one to call myself fashionable. Unless it has something to do with being fashionably late to something I really should have been on time too.

But going back to work, and working in the industry that I do, I need to look the part as much as I need to know what I’m talking about. I simply can’t show up to a meeting with a client in my favorite Futurama/Adventure Time shirt. I mean I wish I could – but I do live in the real world.

When we boil it down, I haven’t had to wear business casual attire since I was 18 years old. I worked for PlayStation of Canada and they provided the shirts emblazoned with gamer logos and PS logos. When I ran my own business I also wore geekery – it was literally my bread and butter. Be the part…look the part.

So this is wholly uncharted territory for this Mom of four. I hate clothes shopping usually as well, being that “fun” middle ground where your not plus size but your not exactly not. Dressing for your shape when your shape is taller than average and rounder than average makes potty training look like a breeze.

I’ve been around Amazon long enough to know you always order large, but when an incredibly cute over shirt arrives and it doesn’t fit your leg yet is marked 3XL maybe it’s time to try something new before you hurt your own feelings. Let me be very clear however – I love Amazon. Alot. Like. We are super bff’s who uh. Talk daily.

Canadians are limited as well, while many wonderful stores ship to our southerly neighbor – that’s where it stops. Back before kids I looked at Shoedazzle and from the looks of it, Shoedazzle, Just Fab, Fab Kids and Fabletics are all owned by the same company.

At this point, taking a risk on Just Fab couldn’t be worse then spending money on clothes from anywhere – it’s not like you can return anything to a shop or try it on before purchase.

Boots are my main weakness I’ll admit

If it has buckles and leather I’ll find a way to make it work. Finding a new style that’s business casual yet still true to self is really important to me. I was really impressed by the choices JustFab had, I wasn’t looking for boots, but these ones will actually work year round. Getting them on sale just means it’s a great staple for an even better price. I went into JustFab without expectations, no one I know has ordered that I could see and feel the products for myself.

Emilee Buckled Flat Boot

While I erred on the side of caution and bought a half size bigger than normal and opted for the wide calf the boots are slightly bulky when your wearing something tight under them. I’d really prefer big to small, and I’ve always had a hard time finding boots to fit over my larger calves.

The boots come in three colours, chocolate, black and Creme Brulee; this particular shade matches a jacket I already have …from when I was in my early 20’s. Hoarding and wishful thinking for the win!

When everything was said and done, I did quite enjoy the shoes and shirts from Just Fab, although it is very important to note they do not have normal Canadian sizes. I can’t say if it’s an American thing, or simply the way they create the clothing, but they run small. Only one pair of pants ordered actually fit, even though I ordered typical sizes I wear every day.

I did not cancel my membership, but I have skipped every month since actually receiving the clothing. Being unable to find anything I want for the size from them that fits is a real bummer. In theory the clothing is adorable, the peices I can wear durable, but unless I’m getting a pair of boots every month for the membership price it simply doesn’t make sense.

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