Life changes coming to the Flatlands!

Life changes coming to the Flatlands!

Sometimes you have something happen that can only be called serendipity. Yet, it changes your life forever and opens things up in ways you didn’t think possible.

Recently something happened in the Flatlands that has completely changed our lives. No, we are not pregnant again! We are not adding any members to the family furry or otherwise. But for us, this is almost as big.

We are moving!

We’ve lived in the same home since we found out we were going to have Octavia. The first place our family had when we became complete, and in a city a green oasis.

It has its pitfalls, though. This block is under a community condominium board managed by a property management group. While everything, I’m sure, is done in good faith, we’ve had nothing but issues with our condo board. Our landlord has been an amazing man, and our neighbours are lovely people. We have had to move our raised garden beds designed for the space to have no impact on landscaping or hurt the area’s aesthetic – amount many other issues. However, the most recent straw that broke the camel’s back was when the entire block was told they could not have the kids’ summer toys out any longer.

We have approximately ten children of the same various ages within four townhouses. As a community, we share water tables, pools, bikes, scooters, slides and anything else we can move at the end of the night to be out of the way. We were even going so far as to drain the pools at night to move them to a different spot and not damage the grass. Then, when weather temperatures reached 34°c, we shared what we had so everyone was comfortable.

I’m not complaining. We had a wonderful sense of community spirit and a proper understanding of “it takes a village.” But, unfortunately, the condo board took that away when they took issue with the community utilizing the green space for our families. It cooled my year’s long love affair with this area, and a high-speed chase on our street days later finished it off ultimately.

Life Changes; let's try this new adventure
“My” front yard

Community meant everything to us

So when the chance came, we decided to take the opportunity to leave the area. We will see how everything flushes out… But you can imagine we as a family are very excited to share this adventure. It’s going to change the face of our foreseeable lives—new school, new area, new friends to mix with the current people we adore.

Even the content I create is going to change; I’ve always prided myself on being authentic. The reality for us will be moving, packing, decorating and becoming comfortable in our new house. The girls’ room situation will change, with Luna and Arya no longer sharing a room but Kailyn and Octavia sharing instead. We will be able to decorate how we want and increase our creative footprint.

We will all miss this house, our neighbours and our lives here. However, we can’t wait to have this adventure as we advance and moving into a new chapter of our lives.

Everything Falls together

It’s interesting for me, but we weren’t even looking to move or for a house. We’ve spoken about it in daydreams many times, but that was it. It’s been me holding us to this location because I cannot understate how much I love the green space. Growing up in a small town B.C., being away from trees or anything green.

I can’t wait to share everything with you all; it’s the most significant undertaking we’ve done with our lives since Octavia was born. The oldest is excited to “start life again” due to her new hair, house, and school. Moving ten minutes away from where we are doesn’t seem like such a big deal on the surface, but it brings with it so much it will be one heck of an adventure to navigate.

I’d love to hear from you about what life changes you’ve experienced lately; feel free to comment here or get in touch with me on my Instagram.

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