O.D Desserts – Local YEG review

I was recently contacted to give a local dessert shop a try and give them a review. Which is awesome! As I’m a major lover of food, worked in many commerical kitchens and been to the Art Institute of Vancouver for culinary arts “back in the day.” I also know just how hard owning and operating a small business can be! So I was really excited to give them a try, and help get their name out with an unbiased review.

When you get to the communal kitchen they share your met with the cutest little pick up waiting area. I really loved the sign they have hanging up, it seems crazy fitting for the time we are in!

The wonderful owners of O.D Desserts!

Before going in, I went onto their website (O.D Desserts) and picked out my first choice. After checking everything out I had one, but was overwhelmed (in a good way!) with the choices for a second. Gabriel suggested the Oreo Up! (Man after my own heart!) And the Sweet Home Alberta.

Oreo Up! And jaw down – Not pictured, the scoops of ice cream that came with!

Let’s just say, as an oreo ADDICT this absolutely satisfied. The Oreo crumble and chocolate sauce was perfect for the chocoholic and yet over all wasn’t SO chocolatey it was too much. It was the perfect blend of everything all together and tasted amazing. I loved the bubble waffle it came on, it was totally not what I expected – it was ten times better.

No filter needed when it comes to this little number.

The second waffle I tried was the Sweet Home Alberta, and like the website says, I overdosed in taste with this choice. The strawberries were so fresh, so delicious and who can complain about chocolate sauce?

Sweet Home Alberta indeed!

One thing so many places struggle with are mushy strawberries. Not OD Desserts, again like the website says … They are an overdose in excellence. Top quality ingredients really make this dish shine and do its namesake proud.

The other thing that really struck me was just how much fun the owners are and the energy they have. I hope they will find a great foothold in the community and with the skills they bring and food they serve I don’t think it will take them long to do so.

Literally speaks for itself.

Give them a try when they are fully open, make sure to check out the website for information on how to order delivery or pick up!

Click to go to the site!

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