Small Business Spotlight – Papes

Small Business Spotlight – Papes

What came first, the robot or the cone? Papes is a Canadian company refining rollies with the help of automation from robots from RoboRoots. Which is a sentence I can honestly barely believe I’ve had the chance to write. But, featuring proprietary technology and chlorine-free paper, the process they use makes a fantastic opportunity for competitive pricing and superb reliable quality in rolling papers.

Papes Rice Paper Cones Rolling Cone Pre Roll

Papes Rolling Papers

The adventure truly awaits for the smoker looking for a Canadian brand to support when grabbing their next pack of papers. Based out of Ontario, you can order the papers online or find them at a handful of retailers in North America. Papes boasts high-quality accessories and products for the young-minded cannabis enthusiast.

Magnetic closure cones

The Papes papers offer an elegant little feature – a magnetic closure that seals the package tightly yet provides a quick release. From experience after double hand surgery last summer, cones are incredibly easy to use if someone suffers from any hand condition and is concerned about accessibility. Pair something like the Papes rice paper cones with your favourite herb, and you’ll be relaxed for a decent amount of time. The cones fit approximately 0.6g in a 1 1/4 paper, while the larger king-sized cones fit an estimated 1.2g – all including the filter tips that come in the package.

papes magnetic closure cones
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Classic Artwork

Advocates for safe cannabis consumption at Papes. Each pack of the classics features artwork reminding each smoker to enjoy responsibly. Interestingly enough, the website points out that Canada has no rolling paper mills, so all rolling paper is imported.

Branding game on point Papes offers its customers a wide range of rolling trays emblazed with the logo in various colours; the accompanying hoodies and hats look warm and are a perfectly low-key way to support this Canadian cannabis business.

Papes rolling papers are available in hemp and rice paper, in two sizes each and cones as mentioned before.

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