Print.Teach.Play Review

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Recently we were asked to test out a sample of worksheets from the wonderful Print.Teach.Play and I was so excited! I love worksheets, and have been using them for the kids when Kailyn was just a preschooler! They are so versatile and easy to use I’ve collected quite a mighty Pinterest board full of them.

For testing these sheets, I printed them off using my regular home printer and then ran them through my laminator. (I got mine on sale at Wal-Mart, but here is a link to the Amazon version.) I always use the laminating sheets from Amazon Basics since they are so adorable and help reduce our waste. I’d rather spend a tiny bit more to reuse the sheet with a quick wipe and dry than use a zillion sheets for writing practice.

Luna practicing her lower case letters

What we received to test was even more than I had expected! Not only does the teacher Mom who makes the sheets do worksheets, but she also has epic recipes for things like edible sand and other sensory doughs. Honestly as a Mom to a “mouther” aka the child that sticks EVERYTHING directly into her mouth straight off the gate, the sand had me singing and dancing. It’s so easy, and fun! To make I truly wish I had learned it sooner as Octa could have had WAY more sensory time.

Print.Teach.Play’s lower case alphabet

One thing I noticed right away with the sheets is how cute the graphics are and while you can get targeted theme packs, they are also very neutral and inclusive of all kid’s interests. Give me a cute space theme, and I’ll buy it almost every time for myself. Having the number sheets with adorable rockets, shooting stars and aliens just made my day.

Luna working on identifying letters and associating sounds.

One way we used the sheets for my pre-reader was to associate words and sounds/letters. “L, la-la-la, is for Lion” while pointing to the sheets as a cue. Even Octa got into trying this, mimicking our sounds and improving her own skills. As a Mom to four girls of various grades/skills/ages trying to homeschool all of them at the same time can be a bit tricky. Being able to use this same sheet for both kids at the same time was an absolute blessing.

Octavia helping and joining in the fun

All in all, Print.Teach.Play has firmly made me a fan of what they do and I personally can’t wait to further support them as time goes by. One thing I also noticed as a bonus, because the sheets are done in the UK pre-primary (I believe it’s called) font – the girls have more exposure to cursive writing. This exposure will assist them in reading different fonts/lettering/cursive writing as time goes by.

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