Rec Centers

Image of an indoor play area.When I get pregnant – I get sick. I mean SICK. It has a name, other than life sucking hell, they call it Hyperemesis gravidarum. It means you puke alot, more than normal morning sickness, more than one should ever puke in his or her entire life. With my second child it peaked and I was hospitalized for roughly 8 weeks. I threw up so much my stomach acid ate through my esophagus and left me even more incapacitated.

Thanks to the entire crap shoot that was the illness the first time, each time after I was able to get ahead of it easier and faster. You simply learn the signs and symptoms and most importantly the medication cocktail required to tame the absolutely savage beast that gnaws on your very soul. If you think I’m being dramatic honestly you’ve never had it. I celebrate that fact for you. I have some enemies that I hate deeply, but I wouldn’t wish that upon even them.

Imagine being hung over, with food poisoning and unable to take anything for it. Now stretch that over 9 months. We had hoped with the most recent addition to the family it might pass us by but that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t as bad as it had been before, but now we had three kids needing me while I was baking the final one.

I was pregnant over the summer, which made it a bit of a dull one for the kids, but worked out in my favour. Most local rec centers have – drum roll please – indoor Playgrounds. Ours saved my sanity and got the kids energy out. They don’t remember that Mommy was practically passed out on the parent couch with one eye open watching them, they just remember having fun. The one near us is even air conditioned which for my pregnant self was just the cherry on top.

Now, with a six month old, eight year old, five year old and a four year old the local rec center is a treasure trove of amazement. We have swimming lessons twice a week for two out of four kids, and during this time the other two either hang out in the playground or the hot tub. Twice a week we are at the rec center from 5:15pm to around 7pm. It’s nuts!! Even the girls sometimes have enough and just crash where they play.

Older child sleeps while younger looks at her with a frown.
One sleeps while the other looks on…

I am thankful for the membership so we can all enjoy the rest of the place. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my Nana worked at the local rec center. I likely spent just as many hours as she did at the place, bowling, swimming, attending kids time or just playing in the park. Of course this was before indoor play structures were a thing.

The cultural melting pot that is our local rec center makes for a very interesting visit every time. It helps expose the girls to a wonderful world of new languages, cultural clothing styles and just more people in general. We’ve all made new friends which is a great thing for all of us.

The little one gets to try out different toys, and while some are met with a “really Mom?” Hard pass stare, others are met with curiosity and a “How can I get this into my mouth?” Mentality.

Baby in infant seat
Baby in play toy trying to eat toys.
If I push off maybe I can reach and get it in my mouth…

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